Conference Topics and Participants

The invitation to participation in the Interregional Engineering Conference in Technology and Education - Global Benchmarking and Monitoring in Krakow is addressed to ALL potential participants active in the field of engineering education, universities, knowledge and innovation promotion and transfer worldwide, engineering oriented businesses, and particularly to the UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN programme partners active acting in engineering and the higher education institutions from Africa, Asia and Latin America and Pacific and Carrabin Region, as well Europe and North America, as well as partners from: UNESCO, ACRU, EUA, IAU, SEFI, AEUA, WFEO, CAETS, EWB/IS, ESW.

The debates will be focusing on the following:

A1 - Higher engineering education in global village: today situation, needs, environment and cultureĀ  background, business targeting, and potential

A2 - Policies and capacity - building in science, technology and innovation for sustainable development - worldwide experience

A3 - Scientific progress in engineering and technological innovation: today and future

A4 - Global priorities in engineering identification for Africa

A5 - Engineering potential building across Africa in the field of science, technology and innovation

A6 - Enhancing the leverage of science through integrated science, technology and innovation

The key speakers will be welcomed from all engineering oriented institutions, UNESCO UNITWIN programme partners, universities world-wide, international engineering associations and business.