Conference Topics and Participants

The conference refers to the UNESCO's Engineering sciences programme and to the strategic programme objectives of the Medium-Term UNESCO Strategy 34 C/4 for 2014-2020 that will be subject of debates, especially: attaining quality education, mobilizing science knowledge. The conference is also in accordance with UNESCO priorities on the mobilization of science, technology and innovation for sustainable development and on the cooperation between North-South and South- South.

Main targets:

  1. get engineering people together,
  2. define existing engineering potential and identification future needs,
  3. establish background for future projects and join cooperation, dissemination today art and best practice in engineering education, technology and innovation.

Conference main priorities:

  1. to create the scientific underpinning for innovations, yield economic benefits, and offer improved opportunities to meet basic human needs, results the basic and engineering sciences,
  2. to create interregional platform of people working in engineering technology and education connected with UNESCO ideas and priorities,
  3. to transfer advanced today knowledge in engineering in selected fields via seminars and active trainings,
  4. to promote better education systems in engineering for future join cooperation,
  5. to establish links between staff for further seminars, trainings, conferences, workshops – both in engineering education and best practice and knowledge in technology and innovation promotion/ dissemination, as well as student and staff exchange and training (study),
  6. to establish global benchmarking and monitoring system focused on methods and tools leading to improvement interregional activities both in engineering, technology and education, based on UNESCO priorities and targets,
  7. to find partners for future cooperation.